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Have you seen all of the fun backyard pools? I love this time of year and going to the stores and see all of the spring and summer stuff. We have had a couple of different backyard kiddie pools since having the little man.

Last summer we had an inflatable Intex Pool. It was really easy to blow up and could be filled deeper.

It was large with plenty of space for multiple kids or a couple of adults to fit into the pool. I love that there are so many different sizes and types of pools, that should work for any size space.

Once you have your cute pool do you fill it with cold water straight from the hose? Or does filling the pool include hauling buckets of warm water from the bathtub or kitchen sink?

Maybe you fill the pool and let it sit in the sun for a day or two warming up. If your kids are older, they will play in the pool even if the water is cold.

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I have found that my toddler will only play in the pool for a few minutes when the water is cold before he is shivering.

After all the work to get him ready to play in the pool, a few minutes of playtime just wasn’t cutting it for me.

The Secret to Warm Water in the backyard kiddie pool. #summer #kiddiepool #funinthesun #toddler #lifehack #tips

Have you been wondering if there is an easy way to warm the Kiddie Pool water?

Hauling buckets of warm water just isn’t cutting it anymore, especially when your kids are anxious to get in the pool.

As a kid, I remember my mom filling our small pool with warm water and now with my 2 toddlers I like to fill the pool with warm water. (Let’s be honest no one wants to play in the FREEZING water that comes from the hose!)

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Today I’m going to share with you the secret my mom shared with me.

How to Warm the Kiddie Pool

It’s simple to warm the kiddie pool, all you need is 2 garden hoses and possibly a pair of pliers.

The first step to easily warming the kiddie pool is getting access to the water hook-ups for your washer and dryer. This may require you to pull your washing machine away from the wall.

When you have access to the water hook-ups, turn off the hot water. Then remove the washing machine hose from the hot water hook-up. I like to place it inside my washing machine so I don’t get water everywhere.

Replace the washing machine hose with a garden hose attached to the hot water hookup. Put the other end of the hose in the pool and turn on the hot water.

The water will most likely be really hot, so you will also want to add cold water with another garden hose or have the pool partially filled with cold water.

Make sure the kids know not to touch the hot water coming out of the hose. Depending on your hot water settings the hot water it could burn them.

Once the pool is filled as much as you would like and at that perfect temperature you’re ready for a fun pool day. Now your little ones can enjoy playing in the pool and not freeze! Most hot days find me in the pool with my little man!

Don’t have washing machine hookups? Don’t worry here is an easy way to hook up a garden hose to your bathroom sink and fill the pool with warm water that way!

Yield: 1 Pool

How to Warm the Kiddie Pool

Filling up the kiddie pool

This quick and easy way to fill your kiddie pool with warm water is a summer parenting hack you don't want to miss.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost 0-$20


  • Kiddie Pool


  • Laundry Hookup
  • 2 Garden Hoses
  • Pliers


  1. Move washer so you have access to your washing machines hot and cold water hookup.
  2. Turn off the hot water and remove the washing machine hose from the hot water hookup (you may need pliers for this).
  3. Replace the washing machine hose with a garden hose.
  4. Put the end of the hot water hose into the pool.
  5. Hook another hose to your outside spigot and put the other end in the pool.
  6. Turn on the water for both hoses and fill the pool with hot and cold water at the same time to make it the perfect warm temperature.


Be careful when filling the pool, the hot water can be really hot depending on your hot water heater settings.

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Summer Tips - I'm going to share with you the secret my mom shared with me - How to warm the Kiddie Pool fast and easy. #summer #lifehack #parenting #newmom

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Warm the back yard pool fast with this quick and easy hack. #summer #parenting #pool

Be careful when using the suggestions in this post. Water can be really hot so make sure you use caution to avoid injury. We are not responsible for any injury sustained by using this life hack.

This post was originally published in May 2016.

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