Cute and Easy Plastic Spoon Bunny Craft for Kids

Inside: Step by step instructions for a fun and easy plastic spoon craft for kids of all ages.

Can you believe it’s almost Easter? If you’re looking for a fun and easy Bunny craft to do with your kids this plastic spoon Bunny is perfect.

This craft is easy enough for a toddler to make with a little help and cute enough that an older child or adult will also enjoy making them!

Plastic Spoon Bunny kids craft

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You can make these bunnies in any color you want. You can have matching noses and ears like I did in these pictures or you can mix and match.

Pull out the supplies, show the kids a finished bunny and then let them get creative and have fun making the bunny just the way they want.

Plastic Spoon Bunny Craft 

This adorable plastic spoon bunny craft is fast and easy to make. With only a few needed supplies it is a budget friendly craft too! 

Bunny Craft Supplies

  • White plastic spoon
  • Tiny pompoms
  • Googly eyes 
  • colored construction paper
  • Sharpie 
  • Glue stick 

Making the Bunny Craft with a Plastic Spoon

The first step to making your plastic spoon bunny is gluing on the google eyes and pompom to the back of the spoon to make your bunny’s face.

bunny craft using a plastic spoon

After you have the eyes and nose on the spoon draw a little mouth below the pompom using a sharpie. My daughter also liked adding more “decorations” to her bunny with the sharpie.

Adding Bunny Ears

Now your cute little bunny needs some ears. I cut out my bunny ears by folding a 1-2 inch strip of paper lengthwise (tall) and cutting a really tall and skinny valentine’s heart with it only being connected a little at the bottom.

cutting ears for bunny craft

Once you have the heart cut out, open it to form ears and glue it to the side of the spoon with the ears poking up above the spoons.

finished plastic spoon bunny

That’s it now you have an adorable bunny spoon perfect to use as a puppet when reading about bunnies or as an Easter Craft.

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  4. Your bunny craft is absolutely adorable!! I like discovering “new to me” blogs ~ I found you through Creative K Kids pinning party. I pinned your bunny craft and your cute shamrock wreath. I learned some new things from 2 of your posts ~ saving money at Chick-fil-a and birthday freebies. Thanks for the info! If you haven’t done your pinning yet, I shared St. Patrick’s Day free printables, #1 and #3. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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