Labor Day Weekend is the time when hundreds of people from all over the country gather to the town square in Midway, UT for Swiss Days. Swiss day’s started in the late 1940’s as a harvest celebration.

Tips for Attending Swiss Days

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The Harvest celebration turned into Swiss Days. Swiss Days is a celebration of Midway’s Swiss heritage it gives the opportunity to remember the region of Switzerland where those that founded Midway are from. With yummy food, free entertainment, and plenty of unique booths to explore, you will soon understand why Swiss Days is an annual tradition for many.

Parking for Swiss Days

There are a few different places to park for Swiss Days, including along the roads and/or pay parking areas.

The Easiest Parking is also Free. Simply find a parking area on this map. Though these areas are away from the town center a free shuttle will come every few minutes and take you to the town center. The only challenge with this is to remember which lot you parked in!

Shopping at Swiss Days

Swiss Days has booths featuring anything and everything from some truly talented people. The process to get a booth is difficult, insuring that the items for sale are truly unique and some of the best.

With over 180 booths you can find a little of everything, crafts, toys, artwork, clothing and much more.

Food at Swiss Days

The food booths at Swiss Days have a unique story, each person working in the booths is a volunteer. Members of LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) Wards  in the area are each assigned a booth or two that they staff. They make the food from pre-made baked goods in the relief Society booth to fresh hot Swiss Nuts in the Nut Booth.

Food to Try

Swiss Nuts – Hot cinnamon roasted almonds. These nuts taste amazing! When the warm nuts are being made if you’re near the booth the smell will make your mouth start watering.

Swiss Tacos – also known as Navajo Tacos – enjoy yummy scones topped with a mountain of delicious toppings. The Swiss Tacos are large so you might want to share with a friend. This is my go to meal when we make it to Swiss Days.

Swiss Kraut – Be sure to try the fresh Kraut. The Kraut is made specifically for Swiss Days.

Bratzlies – Homemade Bratzlies are amazing! These treats always sell out so be sure to stop by the Relief Society Booth to get some before they are gone. These are my favorite Swiss Day treats, I love getting a couple of bags to take home!

Other foods to try include pie and ice cream, Scones, Sandwiches and more.

Saturday morning there is a Chuckwagon Breakfast and Saturday starting at 4 PM there is a Barbecue Dinner.

Swiss Days Entertainment

Swiss Days has free live entertainment throughout the weekend, here is a schedule of events at Swiss Days.

There is also a parade, 10K and Kid’s Race.

Places to Stay for Swiss Days

Homestead Resort

The Homestead is located in Midway it has 119 rooms spread over 2 floors. The resort has 2 restaurants, an indoor pool, tennis courts and more.

Zermatt Utah

The Zermatt located in Midway is a ski resort with 2 restaurants, 300 rooms and a full service spa is only one of many amenities.

There are additional hotels that you can stay at in Heber City and Park City. Just follow the above parking directions if you decide to stay outside of Midway.

Tips for Attending Swiss Days

Bring a Stroller – If you are bringing kids be sure to bring a stroller or wagon.

Cash – most booths will accept cards but it’s always good to have cash just in case.

Water – be sure to stay hydrated while exploring the booths at Swiss Days. There are drink stations throughout the town square so keep an eye out for them.

Prepare for outhouses – The restrooms at Swiss Days are the blue Porta Potties. There are hand washing stations throughout the town square.

Have Fun – Swiss Days can be crazy with so many visitors, but have a good attitude and you will have a great time!

Have you ever been to Swiss Days? What’s your favorite part, let me know in the comments.